Music Nonprofits Impacting Social Change

The We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM) will host and moderate an engaging online discussion with the heads of four top music nonprofit organizations who are making a profound impact in some of today’s most prominent social causes.

This hour-long discussion and Q&A will be a unique opportunity to learn, discuss, and see from the inside how the power of music can play a vital role in America’s future.

Panel Topics Will Include:  
We all know the power of music can change lives and provide hope, but what specific statistics, studies, or real-life examples can be cited?

Where have music non-profits focused attention before and after the pandemic?  How have they changed their approach, reach, and effectiveness?

How is music playing a leading role in the Black Lives Matter movement?  What else can we be doing to support these important initiatives? 

How can educators use music to enhance learning, improve communities, and impact lives?

Increased anxiety and depression are bonafide side-effects of the covid-19 world.  What can music do to help in the short and long term to improve healthcare and health education?


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August 11, 2020 at 5:30pm - 6:30pm

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