Begin a New Venture & Keep Your Day Job?!

Join us and our friends at the Columbia Club of NY for an eye-opening Fireside Chat with Artin Nazarian, to learn more about how to start a side venture, while keeping your day job.

Artin Nazarian, Head of Global Integration & Digital Distribution Strategy, The Walt Disney Company, Best Selling Author & Leading Startup Advisor on Side Ventures

Topics we will cover:
  • How to get inspired to pursue your new idea venture aspirations
  • How to leverage your job to learn more than prescribed responsibilities
  • When to identify when you are financially ready to begin a side venture
  • How to move an idea from its inception to product or service launch
  • How you can find creativity fulfillment in unconventional ways
Artin's humble beginnings and journey to becoming an executive of one of the world's most beloved companies before the age of 30, and raising millions to be the founder of his own side ventures, has fostered a deeper understanding of fulfillment and happiness.
These lessons fuel Artin's desire to help others on similar paths by sharing his story as an author.

In his book Side Adventure, Artin Nazarian draws on almost two decades of experience raising over $4 million for startup ventures while simultaneously climbing the corporate ladder at Walt Disney Studios, becoming an executive before the age of 30.
By reflecting on both failures and successes, Artin’s Side Adventure offers experience-rooted guidance.
The book is a must-read for all aspiring founders who need to maintain a day job, and embodies Artin’s belief that everyone is just one idea away from happiness.

January 20, 2022 at 6:30pm - 8pm



Alumni Leadership Team

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$10.00 Ticket - Side Hustle with Artin Nazarian Learn How To Begin a New Venture & Keep Your Day Job