Re-Birth of NYC FinTech

Join us and our friends at the Columbia Club of NY for a panel of experts in alternative lending space and get their perspectives on what the NYC Fintech “rebirth” in terms of customers, capital, and tech talent may look like. 

Hear from senior leaders at Goldman Sachs and SoFi.

New York City is the most powerful city in finance and one of the top tech innovation hubs in the world. It is home to over 9,000 startups, valued at more than $71 billion. 

The pandemic caused everyone to speed up the usage of digital tools, including e-commerce and online banking. The demand for Fintech is higher than ever. 

Amazon’s recent dip into the buy now pay later market, Coinbase’s $100b listing and attempt to enter the lending business, and Klarna’s raise of $639mil, are clear indicators that once unglamorous lending is becoming increasingly hot!

These trends are not ignored by investors.  According to Pitchbook, venture capital investors poured $44.4 billion into financial technology start-ups last year, up from $1.1 billion in 2009.  Business Insider publication notes that investors like Anderseen Horowitz are putting more focus on NYC Fintech ecosystem.

As NYC reemerges from Covid-19 pandemic, a question lingers: Will NYC remain a premier innovation ecosystem for lending, and if so, how it will change?

A few of the questions/ topics we will explore include:

  • How did traditional lending, banking, and payments processing have changed since the pandemic? What impact did it have on NYC?
  • What does the rebirth of NYC lending space will look like? (Will the best startups still find NYC the most compelling destination? Or will NYC cede ground to other regional innovation hubs?)
  • What are some of the new lending business models emerging?
  • What are some of the most innovative technologies being deployed?
  • What are some of the opportunities for the NYC fintech “rebirth” and how do startups, New Yorkers and small businesses seize them?

Held via Zoom.  You will receive your link upon registration.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dave Knox, Senior Director – Capital Markets at SoFi

  • Andrew Weber, Senior VP – Lending at Goldman Sachs, Marcus

  • Olga Artman, Board Member – Columbia Club of New York (Moderator)

November 02, 2021 at 6:00pm - 8pm



Alumni Leadership Team


Will you come?