Professor Lecture Dinner Event

We have been invited to join our friends at the Yale Club of NJ for a special professor lecture dinner.

This year our guest speaker is Professor Robert Shiller, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Economics

Professor Robert Shiller

"Narrative Economics"
In this talk, Professor Shiller will discuss the role of narratives in understanding major economic events, drawing on the presidential address "narrative economics" he gave before the American Economic Association in January, 2017.


Professor Shiller implores the economics profession to try to learn from the other social sciences and incorporate narratives into their theories.

Successful narratives are contagious elements of conversations, and their spread may follow the laws of mathematical epidemiology.  


The narratives do not even have to be accurate, they can even be fake news. All that is needed is that they be contagious.

Professor Shiller will compare the narratives of today with narratives of times past, and consider from this perspective the outlook for the economy and markets.

6pm cash bar/ dinner at 7:00pm

$85 for non-members and their guests
$45 for recent grads(‘13-‘17)/current students and their guests

Menu includes salad, choice of entree, dessert, and coffee or tea


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December 07, 2017 at 6:00pm - 10pm

Canoe Brook Country Club

1108 Morris Turnpike Short Hls
Short Hills, NJ 07901
United States

Michael Labowsky


$85.00 USD

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