International Real Estate Webinar - Spotlight: Costa Rica

We welcome you to join us as we explore the practical steps to buying and investing in real estate abroad, with a spotlight on Costa Rica!

We teamed up with a former New Yorker, Edward Zaydelman, who relocated to Costa Rica and is an expert on all things real estate in Costa Rica and the surrounding area.  We also will hear from Jennifer Abbott, a licensed real estate agent and investor, and get her first hand account of her own Costa Rican real estate journey.

Our webinar topics will include the following:

  • Costa Rican Government, Culture & Real Estate Market Overview
  • Opportunities For Investing In Income Producing Rental Properties
  • Steps For Relocating and Becoming a Costa Rican Resident
  • Buying Land & Building a Vacation Home or Permanent Residency
  • Eco-Villages, Retreat Centers & Emerging Alternative Living Models
  • Logistics: Regulations, Legal, Taxes, Permits, Residency Status, Banking
  • First Hand Feedback From Those Who Have Already Invested in Costa Rica

Learn about ways you can take advantage of all the real estate opportunities as an investor, vacation home seekers and/or those looking to relocate.

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About Edward Zaydelman:

Ed has been producing events and retreats for the last 18 years, having grown up in New York City and attending NYU, he was organizing everything from 7,000 person gatherings to boutique events for celebrities at top venues. But after some years in the fast paced event industry, he realized that a shift was needed and turned to more conscious gatherings. He started going on retreats, masterminds, joining communities and then finally he went to Burning Man. So inspired by this next level of experience, he worked there for a year learning everything he could from the founders. He spent the next years visiting the top retreat centers around the world and meeting top teachers, healers, and practitioners of various wellness modalities. While their wisdom had such a profound impact on his life, he wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge and wisdom as they were the catalyst behind so much of the growth and transformation he saw. That's when VIDA, his retreat center, was born and he chose Costa Rica to paint this canvas. With VIDA, he wanted to create a space conducive to the level of transformation we saw possible. Out of a deep desire to prototype better, more abundant ways to live and feel - with a focus on true wellness and longevity and quality of life. To date VIDA has hosted some of the most incredible teachers and retreat leaders, and thousands of transformed lives after passing through it's doors. Over the years, having consulted international hotel brands, developing his own retreat center in Costa Rica, producing unique events around the globe, and working with top thought leaders in the personal growth and wellness space has left him quite invigorated. Impacting people's lives in a positive way through experiential education and hospitality is a true passion of his and he welcomes the opportunity to reach more people with his knowledge.

About Jennifer Abbott:

From a family of developers in South Carolina, Jennifer’s roots have been in real estate most of her life. Southern raised, Jennifer grew up on her family’s development sites and acres of land growing fresh vegetables, drinking water from the well, and raising farm animals. Nature was her playground and building in her DNA. Drawing house plans in the dirt; she built her own play houses out of plants, sticks, and other debris that the forest would provide.

Jennifer, proud mom of two boys had all the motivation she needed take on the task of designing and building her own family home. Ahead of its’ time: the ultra modern, multi-level, waterfront property in South Florida reminded Jennifer just how much building was in her blood. This paved the way to buying and flipping several properties, running airbnbs, becoming a licensed agent for over nine years, and working directly with developers in Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, St. John, North Carolina and Florida.

Jennifer’s vast experience in the development landscape helped her see that things were not being done ethically or responsibly. Unnecessary clearing of land, toxic materials, maximizing space for profit, and not considering the impact on the environment. At this point, Jennifer began asking herself whether these types of practices aligned with her core values.

When the pandemic hit in 2019, Jennifer had a calling to travel to Costa Rica. With only one week in the country, she noticed how amazing she felt after breathing the clean air, eating the fresh food from the land and drinking the clean water. Her boys felt it too.  Within six months, Jennifer began her search for land. During that time she crossed paths with Ed Zaydelman, who would become a great teacher and a mentor. With Ed’s guidance, Jennifer proudly purchased a hundred acres in the mountains south of San Jose, thirty minutes from the beaches of Dominical. The lush land has a waterfall, a river and a creek that boasts the most beautiful mountain views. Answering the call reunited her with nature, found her an escape for her and her boys, a way to regenerate, and the place she could disconnect to reconnect. The process also revealed a larger life purpose to have the space on her land for retreats and a kids sleep away summer camp– all currently, in the works.

After working for top real estate agency’s like Coldwell Banker, Compass and most recent, creating her own team within Sotheby’s, Jennifer is shifting her focus. She will be the go-to realtor for selling land and/or properties that promote regenerative and conscious living, primarily in Costa Rica. It’s Jennifer’s goal to protect the lands of the country where she will also call “home” in the near future. Costa Rica holds a special place in Jennifers heart, perhaps it’s a returning to her roots.


About Vida Hospitality:

Our passion is working on projects that push the boundaries of social impact and alternative living - from creative hospitality and retreat centers, to building regenerative communities and start-ups that better the planet. As natural-born connectors, our passion is to connect people to the resources, wisdom, and communities that allow them to reach their potential and live a more meaningful life. With a collective 20+ years experience in Global Real Estate Development & Hospitality, we've consulted international hotel brands and regenerative community developers, built & operated retreat centers, produced unique events around the globe, and worked with top thought leaders in the personal growth & wellness space. We have the experience in building and running efficient companies, and the courage to pioneer new ways in creating conscious business practices.  We work with our partners and clients to help bring their visions to life in a methodical process from A-Z. We connect them with the right team and resources so they feel supported and guided from day one. We bring the experience and know-how necessary as well as the tools to conceptualize, develop, operate, and successfully market these destinations to the emerging population of people looking to heal, to get out of cities, and begin co-creating a new paradigm.  Once ignited we help our partners attract top notch retreats and create powerful programming with some of the best teachers and experienced producers out there.  We are sensitive to our partners' needs as well as what the market wants and how it's evolving day to day. Having the background in project management, development & operating and marketing these unique properties, we've developed a methodology to minimize the hassle and maximize the potential. Having a portfolio of properties we believe in, has created a community of inspiring projects and lessons and examples as well as shared knowledge.

Costa Rica - Best Of:


June 09, 2022 at 7:00pm - 9pm

Zoom Webinar


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