Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) - History

2005 - The creation of the Columbia Alumni Association coincided with the celebration of Columbia’s 250th anniversary and renewed the University’s dedication to engaging alumni.

2007 - The CAA launched in Europe with a marquis "CAA Paris 2007" event, featuring a conference with notables such as Kofi Annan, Jeff Sachs, Joe Stiglitz and Orhan Pamuk as well as a formal gala.

2012 - Lee C. Bollinger launched a Presidential Task Force to look at the next five years of the CAA and created the CAA 2017 Strategic Plan, which lays out a healthy future for our Columbia connections and the possibilities of our alma mater, with a focus on five areas:

  1. School-based relationships and collaborations
  2. Volunteer development and empowerment
  3. Best practices 
  4. CAA Awareness
  5. Communications

Today - The CAA has grown to support over 100 alumni clubs and shared interest groups, an online Alumni Directory and numerous social networks facilitating unlimited connections, a suite of career resources and opportunities to connect in person through social, cultural, and intellectual programs.



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